Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade that are held upstairs in our Gym Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings. We also have one adult class held in our Church Fellowship Hall. All Sunday School classes start at 9:30 a.m.

Zoe Life

Our ZOE (the God kind of life) group meets every Wednesday night at 7:00 in the Gym Fellowship Hall.  On the first and third Wednesdays of the month we meet early at 6:15 for a home cooked meal from our wonderful church ladies. This group is for young adults out of high school-25, married, unmarried, children, no children, it doesn’t matter. We deal with issues that affect the young adults of today from a biblical point of view.

Joshua Youth

Joshua Youth Ministry is for all young people going into the 7th grade through the 12th grade. They meet every Sunday night at 6:00 in the Gym Fellowship Hall for live music, fellowship, games, and most importantly, the study of God’s Word in a way that they will get. They enjoy going out to eat together after youth on Sundays and have several events throughout the year. Joshua Youth also has a great camp, Camp Unplugged, that is put on by the church during the summer. 

Planet Faith Children’s Church

Children from Kindergarten through 6th grade have their own Sunday morning service at 10:15 upstairs in our main building. They are taught the same as adults, but on a level they can understand and use. Children will be encouraged to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The children will have fun while being taught the eternal truths of God’s Word through songs, puppets and skits.


This is an active, fun-loving, game-playing group of men and women of all ages. They enjoy fellowship with each other along with a multitude of different activities including: dinners, game nights, Branson trips, fish fries, dinner theater, even an escape room!

Adventure Group

Adults of all ages get together for fun, adventure, and fellowship. Whether it’s hiking, go carts, or dinner they come together to share in each others successes and to uplift in the difficult times. The bonds that form from these gatherings last a lifetime. Find out when their next adventure is on the RCC Adventure Group Facebook page.

Young Family Life

If you’re young and newly married with or without children this group is for you. If you’re married or single with children up through 6th grade, then this is a great way to connect with those who are in the same season of life as you. Young Family Life has a Facebook page where they keep everyone up to date on their events. Join them for their next trip to the park, a museum, or cookie-making fun. 

VW Bugs

“Virtuous Women Being Used in God’s Service” is a group for girls 9-12 years old. They get together for sleep-overs, pool parties, and all things girly! VW Bugs gives the girls opportunities to connect with other Christian girls their age and have a fun time while serving God.

BAM Boys

“Becoming A Man” is a group for boys 9-12 years old. They get together to fish, hike, camp, and anything else that is all boy! In a world where Godly father figures are becoming less and less, this group of young men is blessed to have great mentors that don’t just do activities with them but teach them life skills while showing them the love of God. 

In Depth

It’s time to go deeper in God’s Word. Our Wednesday night services at 7:00 do just that. We jump right in to teaching and can spend more time digging into the Word and exploring the wonderful and beautiful details of the Word of God. 

The Bridge

The Bridge is for those ages 25-30. They meet the 1st (for dinner) & 3rd (for guest speaker) Wednesday night of the month in the Bridge Room (off of the church lobby) at 6:30 and then join the service at 7:00. The mission of the Bridge is to bring young adults together in conversation to grow in the wisdom and relationships needed for this exciting phase of life and involvement in the church. The Bridge also meets up for other fun activities together so be sure and watch for those!

Ladies Bible Study

Pastor Bonnie Underhill leads ladies of all ages in a Bible study that is held during the school term on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 in our Gym Fellowship Hall. We have a small snack, praise and worship and always welcome the move of the Spirit. Nurseries are provided for non-school age children and everyone is welcome regardless of their home church. Check out the anointed teaching in Ladies Bible Study and be blessed today!