Shadow Of Things To Come: Jesus In The Old Testament

Jesus in the Old Testament Books

Genesis- Seed of woman, promised redeemer

Exodus- Passover Lamb

Leviticus-The High Priest

Numbers- The Rock, the cloud, the pillar of Fire, water in the desert

Deuteronomy- The Prophet

Joshua- Captain of our salvation

Judges- The Judge and lawgiver

Ruth- Kinsman Redeemer

1st and 2nd Samuel- The trusted Prophet, Priest & King

Kings and Chronicles- The Reigning King

Ezra- Faithful scribe

Nehemiah- Restorer, rebuilder of broken walls

Esther- Protector of His people

Job- Everlasting redeemer, mediator

Psalms- Lord and Shepherd

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes- Our wisdom and meaning

Song of Solomon- faithful love

Isaiah- Prince of Peace

Jeremiah & Lamentations- The weeping prophet

Ezekiel- The four-faced man

Daniel- The fourth man in the fire

Hosea- Eternal Husband

Joel- The Baptizer & in-filler of the Holy Ghost

Amos- Our burden bearer, Justice

Obadiah- Mighty Savior

Jonah- great missionary

Micah- beautiful messenger

Nahum- our avenger

Habakkuk- Evangelist pleading for revival

Zephaniah- the Lord mighty to save

Haggai- Restorer of the lost heritage

Zachariah- Fountain opened for sin & uncleanness, the pierced son

Malachi- The Son of righteousness rising with healing in His wings